El Capitan Split View

I was going to wait until the next beta release of El Capitan to cover some of it’s capabilities, but I am totally intrigued by it’s Split View feature. I can see myself using this a whole bunch. Here is how it works, I think you will like it.


I am doing this article in the El Capitan Beta using my Blogo software. Blogo seems to work pretty well here so far, an ocassional crash notwithstanding.

You get into Split View by clicking and holding on the “green radio button” in the upper left corner of the menubar of the app. In this case I just used the Blogo app to show this (some of these images are quite large, click on them for a better view):

Once you do the “click and hold” El Capitan puts your apps in Split View on the screen. If you have several apps open it puts the first app in Split View and shows the other apps on the other side of Split View. Just click on the app you wish to bring forward in the second pane. In the following image I have Blogo on the left and Safari on the right.

You click on one of the apps to bring it forward and work in it. If you move your mouse to the top menubar the menus for that app will show. This is Blogo with the menus showing because I moved the mouse cursor to the top of the window. When you move it away the menus are hidden again like so:

I have experimented with Split View for a while and I really like it. I have been able to drag files from the Finder from one view into Blogo in the other view. I have also been able to drag graphic images off of Safari into Blogo as well. But, I cannot seem to be able to drag a photo from the Photos app into Blogo, maybe that will come later.

One more thing, you can adjust the size of the views by dragging the slider in center. This is pretty cool. On my 27″ iMac some apps just don’t need to half of the screen so I can adjust the views to fit the apps I am using.

You can also access Split View using Mission Control, but I thought this way of doing it was kind of convoluted and somewhat buggy. I will cover it in another installment when it behaves properly.

I think I will get a great deal of use out of the Split View. I am constantly dragging screenshot images from the Finder into my Blogo app while working on articles for Macessence. It is a real hassle let me tell you. Now all I have to do is have Blogo in the left pane and Finder in the right pane in Split View. I can see all the stuff I need in my Finder window and just drag it across into the appropriate place in my article.

I will be using the Split View when doing research in Safari as well, two side by side windows for comparisons, etc.

The uses for Split View are limitless, I think it will get a lot of action in the new El Capitan version of OS X.