FilePane Continued

In my previous article on FilePane I covered some of the more general functionality of the application. Today I want to get into some more specifics. Needless to say, I have been enjoying this little app, it is very handy.


Working With Standard Files

Some of the functionality of the interactive file process of FilePane is self-explanatory. The top row of the interactive dialog window is pretty much the same for any type of document. From left to right is the email icon, airdrop icon and zip (compression) icon. What I want to look at though is the second row:

These icons change with what type of file you are effecting. If you are effecting a standard, non-image file the icons look like the above screenshot. When you click on the page icon with the “plus” symbol you get these choices:

FilePane is letting you convert a file into whatever. But it also lets you drag selected text (from a web browser perhaps?) and save it as a certain type of file, email it, Facebook it, save it to the clipboard or Tweet it, like so:

I thought that was pretty cool. You want to email part of an article to someone, just select it, and click on the email icon in the FilePane window.

If you click on the icon with the arrow on it to the right it brings up a move dialog. If you select one of the canned places like Documents, the file is moved there. But, you can also add a destination to that list and/or just place a copy of the file somewhere:

I have used this several times and it works great, especially if you move files to the same places all the time.

Working With Image Files

If you are interacting with an image file the second row of icons is a bit different.

If you click on the icon with the arrows on it you get a window to Convert or Compress an image like so:

If you click on the middle icon with the up arrow you get a Sharing dialog like so:

You can share with many of the usual suspects, Twitter, Facebook, etc. If you click on the right most icon you can do some resizing and cropping of the image:

Now, you need to keep something in mind here. The image editing and manipulating is not terribly sophisticated. It is a simple, down and dirty kind of functionality, but if that is all you need then it is very handy.


FilePane can do other stuff, but what I have covered is enough for anyone to decide to buy the app. I think it is super handy, I am using it more and more all the time.