This is such a cool little Finder type utility! FilePane from the My Mix Apps (Sergi Lamkovyi) is the epitomy of ‘drag n drop’ power and efficieny. If your main method of moving stuff on the Mac is ‘drag n drop’ as opposed to “keyboard commands”, then this app is for you.



FilePane costs $6.99 in the App Store, but I got it for $1.99 on $2 Tuesday. Believe me, if you are a ‘drag n drop’ person it is worth the full price. Once installed it puts an icon in your menubar. Basically what FilePane does is to activiate a small window that says “Drop Here” when you start to drag a file or folder.

If you are a “keyboard shortcut” person I would not bother with this app. Yes, you could make it work, but you would be better off with apps like Alfred or Quicksilver. Primarily I am a ‘drag n drop’ person so I find FilePane to be very helpful. I do open and move stuff from my Downloads Folder at times, but mostly I save stuff to the Desktop and then move them from there. No, my Desktop is not cluttered, I keep it cleaned up. I just find it easier to work with files there and then put them away when I am finished with them.

Main Window

If you click on the menubar icon you get the main menu:

Here, you can set it to “launch at login” and decide if you want to acitvate it using ‘drag n drop’ or a ‘keyboard shortcut’. The ‘drag n drop’ method is the only way to go with this app. Also, if you click on the gear icon in the upper left hand corner you get the “Settings” area:

You can tweak some stuff in this area, but I higly recommend clicking on “View Icons Descritpion”. When you do you will get this very helpful window:

You see, when you drop your file on the icon that appears it presents a very basic, not terribly explanatory, window with things to do with that file. Some of the icons are easy to figure out (email, sharing) but some of them take some getting used to. So, I highly recommend looking at the “View Icons Descriptions” before using this app. As a matter of fact, this little app is so sophisticated, I highly recommend going through the “Intro to FilePane” in the “Settings” area:

It is a good tutorial on the various program features and how they work.


FilePane is a very cool, helpful utility. It can do all kinds of things. We will look at it’s capabilities in a future article.