Tweetbot Continued

In my last article on the Twitter app Tweetbot I covered it’s general funtionality and one of it’s very cool features called Mute Filters. Today I want to look at the Multiple Column View capability of this app.



Tweetbot has a very nice Multiple Column View effect which works with it’s “My Lists” function. Here is what “My Lists” looks like:

Just click on the List symbol in the navbar and you will be taken to the above screen. You can see My Lists. To create a list click on “Add List” like so:

Type in the name of the List and a short description if you wish and hit “Save”. Once you have created a few Lists it is really easy to put them into Multiple Column View.

Multiple Column View

You get your Lists into Mulitple Column View by clicking on a Tweet that you would like to have in that view. In this case I made a Test List, then selected a Tweet in my Timeline and clicked on the small column icon at the bottom of the navbar. It produces this menu:

I selected the Lists and then the Test list and Tweetbot put that Tweet into a new column like so:

Click for larger image

I have other columns than what you see here, but basically that is how it is done. If you wish to add other Tweets to that particular List Column all you have to do is select the tweet in question and then right click on it’s Avatar. You will get this drop down menu:

Select Manage List Memberships and you will be presented with your Lists.

Click on the list you want the tweet to appear in and you are golden.

One more thing, You can display multiple accounts in mulitple columns if you wish. When you are in the particular account, just click on the column icon and select “Open In New Column”.

By the way, up to this point I have been displaying my Macessence blog articles on my personal Twitter space. I have created a Macessence Twitter feed and am in the process of moving my Mac stuff over there. For the time being I will display my blog articles on both accounts, but eventually I wish to just have the Macessence account for blog articles. If you just wish to subscribe to the Macessence blog account the address is @doug_macessence.


Tweetbot is a totally versatile Twitter app! You can mix and match and pretty much make your own workflow. As far as I am concerned $9 is a small price to pay if you are even a moderate user of Twitter. You can get it at the Mac App Store.