Bootcamp Windows 10 Install

I have been running Windows 7 Pro in a Bootcamp partition for quite some time now. I use it for a few things including testing the various websites that I produce. If you are not testing how your websites behave in Windows OS you are not in the real world. Since Microsoft released Windows 10 I thought I would upggrade my Win 7 install to Win 10.



Microsoft released Windows 10 OS a few weeks ago. Shortly thereafter Apple released a new version of Bootcamp (version 6) to enable several features in Windows 10. To be quite honest, I could not find ver. 6 of Bootcamp to download anywhere, but supposedly it is out there. It might be that it only works with Macs that are 2013 and newer, I am not sure. If you are going to upgrade an older Windows install in Bootcamp to Win 10 or just do a fresh install you need to go to this Apple support website. It gives you all the particulars on different ways to install Windows 10 in Bootcamp. At the bottom of this support article Apple lists the Macs that are able to handle Windows 10. It goes back to 2012 models which includes my Late 2012 iMac. I followed the instructions on this support page to the letter and all went well.

The Install

I am not going to take you step by step on the Windows 10 install, that would bore you to tears. Suffice it to say, I did the “Upgrade” install from Win 7. Please note I am running Bootcamp 5.1 on my iMac and the install went just fine, although I guess I am missing a few features only found in Bootcamp 6. When you do the upgrade in Wndows it gives you this installer window:

Click for larger image

Initially it just has a button for “making a reservation for Windows 10”. Once you do that you have to wait a bit, I waited about 1 hour for Windows 10 to become available and then it downloads in the background. Then you go through a series of restarts (typical Windows install) and finally it boots into Windows 10. By the way, you have to be running Mac OS X Yosemite to install Windows 10. But I wanted to give you a pointer that will save you a ton of time.

Mac Startup Settings

The Windows 10 install takes a long time. There are several restarts during this process. If you are like me you are not going to sit at your Mac and watch this intall, it just takes too long! But, the probem is, the Windows install typically restarts while you are away from your Mac. When it does this it restarts onto the Mac! You then have to restart again, hold down the Option ⌥ key and select the Windows partition to continue your install.

Do yourself a favor. Before starting this install process go into your System Preferences like so:

Select “Startup Disk” and then select your Bootcamp Windows folder as your startup device.

I did NOT do this and added a bunch more grief to my Windows installation. I tried this method after I was finished installing and the Mac does boot back into the Windows install everytime it restarts. Once you are finished installing Windows 10 just do an Option ⌥ Key restart and select the Mac. Once booted into your Mac reset the “Startup Disk” to the Macintosh and all is well.


Why I didn’t think of this earlier I don’t know. It would have saved me tons of time. By the way, the actual Windows 10 install went very well, I had no real problems. Windows 10 seems like an improvement over previous versions of Windows, but it still ain’t no Mac OS X!