El Capitan Flight Data Detectors

Apple has used Data Detectors for a really long time. A Data Detector is that little dropdown arrow that appears over a calendar date, phone number, etc. when it appears in Apple Mail for instance. I just discovered that there is a hidden (so far) Data Detector in El Capitan.

The hidden Data Detector involves airline flight informatioin. This capability is also in iOS 9. However, as far as I know it only works in Apple programs like Mail, Notes, Messages, etc. My wife is flying to San Jose, CA as I write this article. Here is her flight in the Notes application in El Capitan:

Click for larger image


She is flying from Denver, but her flight originated from Orlando, Florida. As you can see it shows the airport designations, whether it is on time and a few other things. Pretty cool in my opinion. If you double-click on the map it enlarges like so:

Click for larger image


You can see the airline, state names and a few cities. I really like this feature. Yes, they have apps for iOS that do this and more, but for the average Joe it is a nice feature.

Here is the same feature in the Messages app in El Capitan:


Messages hilites the flight information. All you have to do is click on it. It works great let me tell you.

I guess this is not a big deal really, but just a nice little added feature in El Capitan. It seems to work quite well.