El Capitan Mail Accounts

So, I thought I would do some experimenting with Apple Mail in El Capitan to see if it had lost some of it’s wonkiness. I am using Postbox and really likeing it, but I so miss some of the really cool addon programs for the Mail app.


I am currently running my iCloud account in apple Mail. It kind of sets itself up when you install El Capitan. Anyway, I thought I would try setting up some of my other accounts, I have about 10 of them for various purposes.

To do this in Mail just go into Mail / Preferences and click on the small “+” symbol at the bottom on the left hand column (you can also click on the “Mail” menu and select “Add Account”). When you do you will be presented with this window:

It displays some of the “usual suspects” like Exchange (corporate email), Google, Yahoo!, etc. But, most the the accounts I am setting up fall under the “Other Mail Account” heading. Just select “Other” and click continue to this screen:

Enter the account email address and password and then click “Sign In”. You will be taken to this screen:

Of course, I have blocked out the email address in these screenshots. This is the same behavior I received in the Mail app in Yosemite! Yikes! Mail just has issues with the IMAP protocol. I tried several different accounts, but they all gave errors.

I want you to know I setup 10 email accounts in Postbox using a similar method. Postbox went out, found the correct data for IMAP and setup the account. First time every time!

To be fair, El Capitan is in beta. So, El Capitan Mail is in beta. Apple promised fixes for IMAP issues in El Capitan Mail, but they ain’t there yet let me tell you.

Just an aside here. I was able to setup a couple of these “Other” accounts manually. However, I kept getting “Certificate” errors all over the place. It was enough to drive me crazy. Mail should be able to just go out and obtain the settings from the ISP in question and setup the account, but she is not quite there.


There are some nice features added to Mail in El Capitan. I have listed some of the them in a previous article. But, it does not appear that the under the hood stuff is fixed as of this beta release.