El Capitan Mail

As you know I have stopped using Apple Mail in Yosemite because of a myriad of problems. I really like the Postbox app I have been using. But, hope springs eternal!! I have been playing with Apple Mail in El Capitan and wanted to mention a few of the “new” features.



OK, don’t get your hopes up. Mail is pretty much the same with the exception of a few new features which I will cover. Please keep in mind I have only created my main iCloud email account in El Capitan Mail. As you recall from my previous article , my main problems have come with trying to have Mail manage a bunch of accounts (12 to be exact). Just a ton of grief. However, Postbox has solved most of those issues even though it does not have some of the excellent Mail plugin apps.

New Features

There are a few new features in El Capitan Mail. Just want to emphasize, Mail does not receive major, drastic changes in keeping with the “under the hood” fixes in El Capitan, but the few new things are worth mentioning.


The first one I wanted to introduce is “Swipe to mange your inbox”. I really like this because I am using my Magic Trackpad more and more these days. If you swipe left on an email you get a “Trash” button just like in iOS:

If you swipe right on an email you get a “Mark as Read” or unread button:

The “Swipe” feature woks quite intuitively.

Add Suggested

Another nice addition to Mail is the “Add suggested events” feature. If you are receive an email with a calendar event in it Mail offers you a link to add that event. Yes, it has done this in the past, sort of, but now Mail searches your email to find this stuff automatically and presents this:

Click for larger image


If you click on “add” it presents you with a calendar window like so:

Here you can type in the name of your event, tweak the time and then just click “Add To Calendar” and you are done. Mail offers the same functionality for adding Contacts but I did not have any emails that showed the “add” contacts while doing this article.

Full Screen

Apple has added another nice functionality if you work Mail in “full screen mode”. Lets say you are in “full screen” and are composing an email. Mail opens the compose window like this (it is not resizable):

Click for larger image


It opens it in the center of the screen on top of everything else. If you need to see an email while you are composing the new email just click on the email list. When you do the email you are composing drops down to the bottom of the screen like so:

Click for larger image


It just melds into the bottom of the window. When you are ready to resume composing, click on the email and it pops back up to full size once again. A nice feature that will help you keep a good email workflow while using Apple Mail.


Although Apple Mail has not received a major overhaul it does have some useful new features. One can only hope that Mail was included in the El Capitan “Experience” and “Performance” fixes promised by Apple. Supposedly, Mail is going to have “improved IMAP performance”. When I upgrade my mission critical machine to El Capitan I will probably try it out for a while with some of my email accounts to see if it is working correctly or still has it’s underlying wonkiness.