El Capitan Safari Mute Tabs

In my travels in by El Capitan beta I have seen a lot to like. It really does seem more stable, faster with less problems than Yosemite. Time will tell when it is installed on my mission critical Mac with tons of software. One of the things I have grown to like is “Mute Tabs” in Safari. This is a small feature, but so welcome!!


The Problem

I don’t know about you, but one thing that drives me crazy is this. You go to a website and it is setup to play some kind of audio advertisement file in the background. If you are using Safari then the only way to get rid of that annoying behavior is to mute your Mac. But, I don’t want to mute my Mac, I have grown to rely on the notification sounds it makes. This type of website behavior has not been going on for too long, it is quite recent in my experience. Apple has listened to complaints (or suggestions?) and implemented a nice fix in Safari.

The Solution

So, to remove this grief Apple built a “Mute Tabs” feature into Safari. This is a very simple feature, but it is so appreciated. When you go to a site that starts playing audio you will see this symbol in the Safari address bar:

Click for larger image

If you click on the audio speaker symbol it will automatically mutes the sound like so:

It just shows a speaker symbol with a line through it. But, there is more!! If you click and hold on the speaker symbol it drops down a menu:

You can choose the “mute” command this way. You can also “Unmute” the tab sound as well. Also, if there are several tabs with audio going you can choose which one to mute (don’t have a screenshot of this). And, if you have several tabs open with audio running in the background you can choose a command to “Mute All Tabs” which is totally cool!!


This is not a big feature, but to me it is a big deal for sure. I am able to very quickly eliminate a bunch of background noise that I have no interest in hearing.