I have used several clipboard management apps over the years. Currently I am using the old standby, CopyPaste from Plum Amazing software. Lately, I have been testing a new kind of clipboard app called Paste by Dmitry Obukhov. It is pretty cool, check it out.



Paste can be purchased at the Mac App Store for $7. Once it is installed Paste places an icon in your menubar. You can activate Paste using that icon or use the built in keyboard command of Option ⌥, Command ⌘, “V“. You can change this key combination to whatever you wish. I found the easiest way to activate the app is using the keyboard, YMMV.

Before we get into the App’s functionality, lets take a look at the Settings avaiable. Paste is a one horse band, but it is fairlhy sophisticated in it’s own right.


Here is the main Preferences window of Paste:

You can set how many clipboards you wish to keep, clear the clipboards and tweak a few other settings. Even though I use the keyboard command the most, I still keep the Paste icon in the menubar.

Once in the Preferences area you should take note of the “Rules” tab:

The program automatically puts the Keychain and any password programs in this section which is excellent. In other words you do not want Paste to remember stuff you do in these apps. A very thoughtful feature.

The Interface

When you activate Paste you get this type of window across the bottom of your screen:

These clipboards run across the bottom of your screen, the rest of the screen is minimized to a certain extent. You go through the clipboards by scrolling right and left and back. If you have your cursor in the place where you need the clipboard text all you have to do is double-click the clipboard window in Paste and it is pasted into that area. A Trackpad works quite well here.

If you right-click on a clipboard you get this dropdown menu:

Here you can “Share” the clipboard in various different places which is convenient.

My experience is that after you use Paste for a while you get a bunch of clipboards. You can scroll back and forth, but there is a point of diminishing returns just because of the sheer volume of clipboards. That is where the “Search” function is helpful.

When you are in Paste there is a search magnifying glass in the upper left hand corner of the screen. If you click on that you get a search window like so:

Type in your search term and Paste gives you the results:

The search feature works great and it is quite fast. There is one more thing I want to mention. The small Paste windows show what app the item was copied from. In this case it was my Postox email app and Blogo:

That is a nice touch. It does help you find clipboards if you know what app from which it was copied.


Paste is a very colorful, fun clipboard manager. I really like it. Time will tell if I will move on my old faithful CopyPaste application, we will see. Paste is not as sophisticated as an app like CopyPaste, but many people do not need that many features in a clipboard manager. I highly recommend this little app. At $7 you are not risking too much if you wish give it a test drvie.