Sending Large Files in Dropbox

I know you can get large files to people via Apple’s iCloud and other services, but the fact is many people have been using Dropbox for years with great success. If you frequently or even occasionally need to get large files (probably via email?) to people then read on my friend.


Dropbox Overview

Dropbox has been around for years. Users can store files up on the Dropbox server for their own use, perhaps for downloading at different locations other than their main computer. They can also load files up to Dropbox for others to download. Once you install Dropbox on your Mac it creates a Dropbox folder in the User Folder. Whatever you place in this folder is mirrored on your Dropbox account online. It does take a while to upload the files in the Dropbox folder but once uploaded they are there until you remove them. Dropbox provides 2 GB of free space, you can purchase more space if needed. My account has 2.75 GB of space because I have referred friends to Dropbox and received 750 MB of additional space because of that.

File Downloads

To get a file ready for others to download you first must put that file into the Public Folder inside the Dropbox folder. Then, just navigate to the file in question and right click on it. You will see this menu:

Click for larger image

Right click on the file and select “Copy Public Link” at the bottom of the menu. Then, just navigate to your email app Compose window and paste in the link like so:

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That is all there is to it. It sends your email with a link for the other party to click on for the file download. After the placed file in your Dropbox folder is uploaded you can see it in the Public Folder in your Dropbox account online lkie so:

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If you delete the file out of the Dropbox folder on your Mac it deletes the file from your online account and vice versa. The Mac and online versions of the Dropbox folder stay synchronized. Also, if you wish to send a bunch of files to the same person it is best to put the files in a folder and compress (zip) the folder into one large document for uploading and downloading.

One more thing. I got curious if you could download a Dropbox file using the Messages app. I tried it and it works. Now if you do this on a smart phone you will be limited to what types of files can be displayed on that particular device.

Dropbox has other capabilities like sharing a file between several people for collaborative purposes, but most people use it to have files readily available for themselves or to send large files to other people.


I know people use other services for large file transfers, but Dropbox has been around so long and it is so easy to use that it really is a no brainer. Give it a try. 2 GB is a lot of storage.