The New Disk Utility

I don’t know about you but I have used Apple’s Disk Utility app for many, many years. One of the features I have used the most is running “Permissions” on my hard drive. The new Disk Utility app in El Capitan is new and ‘mostly’ improved. Lets take a look.


Main Windows

The new Disk Utility in El Capitan is a completely new interface. Here is an example of the main window:

Click for larger image

As you can see it is very colorful, easy to read. Yes, it is similar to the old Disk Utility, but a cleaner, more Yosemite like interface. It is kind of like the “About this Mac” window the way it presents information:

Below is one of my External HD’s partitioned for a QRecall backup, El Capitan Beta and Windows 7 Backup:

Here is the information on the El Capitan Disk:

I like the clean, colorful interface. It is nice to see everything at a glance.

If you wish to run “First Aid” you just click on the button and it gives you this dropdown:

When you click “Run” Disk Utility it runs it. No more Disk Repair or Disk Verify, which I think is just fine. I never used Disk Verify anyway, I only ran Disk Repair. The Partition and Erase features are about the same. Also, the imaging features seem to be mostly unchanged as well. I think the new Disk Utility will work just fine, but there is one glaring omission.


The new Disk Utility app has no Permissions feature! I can’t recall how long I have been running Permissions on my Macs! No more. Perhaps Apple has designed El Capitan to do it’s own maintenance on Permissions, I just don’t know. Admittedly, people have used the Permissions feature as a cure-all when doing maintenance on their Mac computers thinking it can fix almost any kind of problem. But, Permissions was used to fix problems on Apple software and the Mac OS, nothing more. Make no mistake though, it was very useful in fixing some issues.

Please keep in mind that this version of Disk Utility is in “Beta” mode! Perhaps the Permissions feature will be coded back into the final version of Disk Utility, I have no idea. We will just have to wait and see.


I really do like the new Disk Utility. It is different for sure, but I think it will work. I am curious to see if the Permissions thing is completely dropped and sort of built into the El Capitan OS. Time will tell.