El Capitan Update

I wanted to make some observations about El Capitan Beta. I just installed Beta number six. I think this is going to be a great update but as you know there are not a ton of new features. That is okay with me, under the hood repairs is what most interests me.

I am not going to go over the new features. I have covered many of them in previous articles and will continue to do so. I just wanted to mention a couple of caveats before we get started. First, I do not have a ton of software installed in this OS. Second, I do have all my external devices connected to it and I am actually doing work in it. That includes this blog article.

1. Speed — El Capitan is very snappy. Programs launch quickly and most of the applications that I am using seem to operate faster. All in all it is a very nice improvement over previous Mac operating systems. However, it remains to be seen how the operating system will do with lots of software installed. YMMV on this as usual.

2. Applications — I probably have about one half of my mission-critical software installed in El Capitan. I have lots more software than that, but much of it is for experimentation and for doing blog articles. So far my mission-critical applications are working great. I am not sure if that is because the software developers are on top of it or because El Capitan code is very similar to Yosemite and just optimized.

3. Similarities — Much of the look and feel of El Capitan is similar to Yosemite. The System Preferences are very close to the Yosemite versions. The Dock and the general ‘look and feel’ of the operating system are similar as well. Most of the Apple applications look exactly like Yosemite versions or are slightly changed. There won’t be any surprises for you. I am sure we will find some things as we go along, but overall the El Capitan car is like the Yosemite car with a tuned up engine.

4. System Font — I really like the new San Fancisco System font. I know people will complain but I think it’s crisp and clean and works great for us older people. Here is an example of the system font in a screen shot from the Pathfinder application:


I am sure there will be some third-party fix to go back to Lucida Grande or some other font if you wish, but for me the San Francisco font is great.

Yes, some things are still a little buggy. It took me quite a while to Pair my Bluetooth headset to El Capitan but it finally worked. Once in a while a certain function of an application will not work. But things are getting better and better with each iteration of the operating system.

I think people will really like El Capitan. I will not be updating right away because I have so much software on my iMac, but if you run a lean machine I don’t think it’ll be any problem in updating to El Capitan when it finally arrives.