Gemini Duplicate Finder

I have been using duplicate removal software for many years with reasonable success. Recently I read an article online about Gemini Duplicate Finder from MacPaw software. It looked interesting so I purchased a copy from the App Store for $9 and put it through its paces.



Using duplicate removal software can free up a lot of space on your hard drive. However, you must be very careful in the way that you do this. The first couple of times that I use a duplicate remover I usually use the manual settings. I’m just trying to see how reliable the application really is. On that score, Gemini Duplicate Finder is very reliable. As uaual, MacPaw has made an elegant and intuitive software application. I only use duplicate remove software on an occasional basis, but when I do reliability is at the top of the requirements list.


When you first open Gemini Duplicate Finder you see this window (click on these screenshots for a larger image):

You can click on the “plus sign” and add a folder or just drag the folder into the circle. When you do you will be presented with this window:

Click on the scan button and away you go. How much material you’re scanning determines how long the scan will take. My first scan scanned my whole user folder. it took a couple of minutes to complete.

Gemini Duplicate Finder comes up with all kinds of fun sayings and visual things to look at while the scan is going on. Here is an example:

While you are shreding, it shows sdredded paper falling away from the app. It is just a fun application to use. Once the scan is complete you will see this window:

Click on “Show Results” and you will be taken to the results of your scan like so:

There are a few things to note here. Gemini Duplicate Finder lists the areas scanned in the left hand column. You can look at all of the items at once in the center column or you can click on one of these areas like Documents or Pictures and just view those items. If you look in the right-hand column you are allowed to manually change the settings of the item to be deleted. You can also leave it on Auto or deselect it altogether. I thought this was a nice touch if you are proceeding with a manual removal process.

I thought it was really cool that the program lets you view the item to be removed in the right hand column.


Sometimes one picture is worth a thousand words. Once you are finished reviewing what the application has selected for removal then click on Remove Selected in the upper right hand corner of the window. You will be presented with what is going to be deleted in a scrollable list:

You can scroll through this list and if you see something that you are concerned about you can just click the Put All Back button and start over. However, if you are satisfied with what you see then click on the Remove button and the process will begin. Gemini Duplicate Finder lets you know when it is finished:

The first time I used Gemini Duplicate Finder it cleaned about 2GB of stuff off my machine. Make no mistske, I proceeded with q great deal of caution and did some of the scanning manually at first.


Gemini Duplicate Finder excellent intuitive application. it is fun fun and easy-to-use. I have come to trust it and I feel it is worth nine dollars dollars. If you have a hard drive with limited space such as an SSD drive then you must get serious about removing duplicate files. Gemini Duplicate Finder is a good way to go. I highly recommend it.