Parallels 11

I decided to upgrade to Parallels 11 for $49. I have a Wndows XP and OS X Yosemite virtual machines in there. The upgrade was easy. Supposedly, Parallels 11 runs Windows apps 20% faster and boots them up 50% faster. Here is my own experiences with Parallels 11.



Upgrading from ver. 10 to 11 was easy, no problems at all. It took a bit longer than normal to bootup my virtual machines, but after the initial bootup all seems to startup just fine. The new Parallels Control Center window looks about the same as earlier versions:

Each virtual machine has it’s Power Button. Just to the right of the Power Button is a small gear icon. When you click it you get your Configuration Settings area:

These are similar to earlier Parallels versions. I really like that the Parallels virtual HD and RAM is expandable, that is very cool. Just set it and forget it.


Here is where Parallels says it has bragging rights. They say launching apps is 50% faster and app operation is 20% faster. Don’t know how they measure that, I guess you could sit there with a stop watch right?! App launch and operation speeds is a bit of a subjective observation, but in my humble opinion apps do launch faster and operate faster, more smoothly. Parallels 11 is definitely snappier in oveall performance and operation, no doubt about it.

Other Cool Stuff

I wanted to mention a couple of other things about Parallels 11 that I thought was pretty nice. You can migrate a Bootcamp Windows install into Parallels. It has had this capability for a while, but is supposed to be much easier. I am tempted to migrate my Bootcamp Windows 10 install on over, just to eliminate the reboot procedure. That is another thing, it runs Windows 10 and El Capitan 10.11 as well.

Click for larger image

Also, you can put Parallels 11 into Full Screen Mode. When you do you can navigate from your Windows install to your Mac Desktop using Mission Control. Just slide with two fingers on your Magic Mouse or three fingers on your Trackpad. That is a very neat trick. That way you can keep Windows running full screen and zip over to the Mac whenever you wish. Pretty cool I think.

I have not performed any Windows “from scratch” installs with Parallels 11, but it is supposed to taylor the install to your primary use for that Windows install ie, Design work, Productivity, Business, etc. That is a pretty neat trick, will have to advise when I install some new Windows software.


The new Parallels 11 is a worthy upgrade if you are already a Parallels user. If you are thinking about starting a virtualizatioin enviornment on your Mac you cannot go wrong with Parallels.