Pathfinder Folder Sync

I don’t know about you but for some reason I end up with folders of certain types of files on my Desktop and a similar folder in my Documents Folder. Both folders are for the same purpose, but stuff ends up in the Desktop folder, but never makes it to the Documents Folder version. I really am pretty well organized, but stuff happens right.



There are programs for the Mac made specifically to merge or sync folders. I think this issue of merging folder material must be a problem. I may cover some of these apps later, but right now I wanted to look at the “FolderSync” capability of the Path Finder app by Cocoa Tech. Path Finder is a very powerful Mac OS Finder replacement app. By the way, I have been using it in El Capitan. It seems to be working very nicely. So lets take a look at the “FolderSync” capability of Path Finder.

Folder Sync

There are two ways to Sync folders in Path Finder. If the two folders in question are in the same enclosing folder just select them both, right click on them and choose “FolderSync” from the drop down menu. If the folders are in different locations then you have to go into “Dual Pane” mode and select the folders in question in each pane like so:

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Here you can see a folder (Mac Blog Graphics) selected in each pane. I have also hilited the Dual Pane indicater in the top menu. Once you do that then just select “FolderSync” from the Commands menu:

And you will be taken to this Comparison window. This function is quite fast, although these two folders do not contain many files:

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At the top of this window it tells you what it has done. It has “Compared” both folders. Down below it hilites in blue the files in one folder that are not in the other folder. Now things get a little complicated. After you do this you can choose to sync the folers in several different ways like so:

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You can update left to right, right to left, mirror the folders, update both, etc., etc. The way you sync depends on what you are trying to accomplish. I chose “Update Both” so as to make both folders look the same. When you select one of thes options the app shows you what it is going to do in the next window, a very nice touch. You can experiment here with the drop down and it will show you what will happen:

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Once you are satisfied click the “Sync” button and your folders will be synchronized. Let me tell you it works wonderfully. This is a very powerful feature! I really like it and will be using it quite a bit in the near future.


Path Finder is a super powerful Finder replacement app. There are all kinds of features that I could cover in this app, FolderSync is just one of many. If you are using Path Finder and are in need of folder syncing give it a try. You may not need a third party app at all.