I am taking a developer course for a certain application that I have always been interested in learning. During the course the instructor told us about, and demonstrated, a cool little app called PopClip by Pilotmoon Software. It is not big a deal I guess, but it really is a handy little guy to have on your Mac.



PopClip is billed as a Cut & Paste Finder enhancement. It works on OS 10.6 through 10.11 El Capitan. They do have a disclaimer on their website that it does not work in every application, but it does work with most of them. Even despite issues with a few apps, it is totally worth having. You can get PopClip from the App Store for $6.99, it really is worth it. Lets see how it is setup and what it can do.

PopClip Functions

When you drag across text in a document or program (like Safari) it presents a menu of things you can do. Usually it is a “Copy” menu like this:

In this case there was a link in the text so it presents the follow link icon. You could also do a search or just copy the text. If you just select a word it will let you copy it of course, but you can also access the Dictionary:

The great functionality about all this is you don’t have to do any other keyboard commands or move your hands anywhere. Just roll your mouse over and select the text and use the PopClip menu to do what you would like to do.

In certain types of documents (this is a Pages Doc) it lets you “Cut & Paste”:

It can do other things depending on where the text or file you are manipulating is located.

PopClip Settings

There are several Settings to tweak within the app. I appologize for these tiny screenshots, but the app interface is just plain tiny. When it is installed it adds a menubar item. When you click on it you get the main menu:

Here you can “Start at Login” and choose to show it in the menubar. If you click on the little puzzle piece icon it displays a list of the installed functionality at this moment:

Does that mean you can add functions? Yes!! More on that in a moment. If you click on the circle with a line through it icon you get an area where you can exclude apps from PopClip!


This is a very thoughtful addition. Case in point is my blogging software, Blogo. It already has this type of functionality. When you select a word or phrase in Blogo it presents a similar type of menu. The PopClip menu just gets in the way. So, all you have to do is hit the plus symbol in this little window and add whatever app you wish to the excluded list.

Popclip Extensions

Back to the installed functionality of PopClip. If you click on the plus symbol at the bottom of this window you are taken to the PopClip Extensions page:

This page presents a list of extensions to enhance the functionality of PopClip. I just added this “Formatting” extension to PopClip:

Just go to the extensions page and look for yourself. There are tons of extensions for various functionality and for all kinds of apps in OS X. If you installed a lot of this stuff I think your PopClip menu would become a bit over crowded.


I think PopClip is a real keystroke saver and thus, a time saver. It works quite well. I will be using it going forward. It is just a convenience I have become acustomed to using.