Preparing For El Capitan

Since El Capitan OS 10.11 will be released tommorow I thought I would mention what I am doing to prepare for the install. There are tons of articles online about preparation. I have been running El Capitan in Beta mode for quite a while, it seems to be working very nicely with many of my mission critial apps. Here is my plan.

Let me list my order of preparation for El Capitan. When you run as much software as I do and do as much stuff with your Mac as I do you need to think this through.

1. I am NOT installing El Capitan for at least a week after it is released. The reason you ask? I have too much software! I run tons of software on this machine, some of it is mission critical, some of it not so important. All of it does not have to work right of way, but the mission critical stuff sure does. I have been getting El Capitan updates from all kinds of software companies over the past week. I am sure this will continue through the first week or two of El Capitan’s release.

2. Backup!! I have a backup of my iMac to Time Machine. I also have a bootable clone of the machine to an external hard drivel. I have a third backup of my Documents Folder to another external HD using Qrecall. Overkill? Perhaps.

3. Probably run Permissions and generally do a little cleanup on the iMac before installing El Capitan.

4. I will probably run an app like Onyx that clears all of the Mac caches before doing El Capitan. Just trying to make the current OS as clean as possible.

5. Because I use so many software apps I decided to make a virutal Yosemite install in my Parallels Desktop application.

You probably would not have to do this, but if you own Parallels and have the time it is not a bad idea to ensure you can run some software that might not be upgraded right of way.

Some people do a clean install of Apple’s operating systems. I have never felt the need to do this, but if everything was wonky after an install, I might consider it.

Well, that is MY plan. What is yours? Hopefully you are at least doing a few of these things to prepare. It will save you a lot of grief in the long run.