I have used list or reminder type apps on my iPhone for years. One of those apps is called Clear by Realmac Software. It works pretty well, but at times will not sync with iCloud. Lately I have been using Wunderlist which is an excellent app, very reliable. But, for my needs Wunderlist is totally overkill. Enter Apple’s new iOS 9 Reminders application.


I usually use list functionality on my iPhone for just doing simple lists. Most often they are shopping lists like grocery lists. No big deal right? As I said I have used Clear for a long time, but got tired of it not syncing to iCloud at times. It is a good app, YMMV. It may be just something on my setup. And, I have used Wunderlist for a while now too. No problem syncing. It is an excllent app, but it is way too sophistcated for using as a shopping list app. You can do all kinds of team collaberation with Wunderlist, it really is high end. I though about using Apple’s Reminder’s app, but it is just clunky, until now that is.

All of these apps allow you to edit your list on any device. My usual workflow is to add stuff to my shopping list on the iPad or on my Mac. They are all synced through the cloud so then the items show up on my iPhone which is what I have with me when I am at the store.

Reminders App

Since the release of iOS 9 Apple has beefed up the Reminders app. It has some nice new functionality, but I want to focus on just using it as a shopping list application. Obviously, it has to sync through iCloud with my all my devices. Here is the main Reminders window on the iPad:

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You have all your lists on the left. Just click on a list and the area for creating your lists appears on the right. When you are at the store you tap on the circle next to the list and the item is gone (completed). Here is the Reminders window on my iPhone 5s:


If you wish to change lists on the iPhone you tap on the title, in this case Wal-Mart. It goes back to a lists page and you can choose a new list.

Look I know this is really basic functionality but if all you need is some type of lists capability on your iPhone with some type of sync capability with all your other devices then the new Reminders app is just the ticket.

There are other neat features of the Reminders app. I just wanted to touch on it’s Sharing function before I go.


If you would like to share your lists with others it is easy to do. Click or Tap on the “Edit” link in the upper right hand corner. Then Tap “Share”:

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When you Tap on “Add Person” you get this drop down:

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Type in someone from your Contacts and away you go. This is a pretty cool feature if you wanted to share a list that other family members can work on along with you, like a grocery list or something similar.


The Reminders app does other stuff, but I will have to cover that in a later article. Needless to say, it is not the most sophisticated reminder app around, but totally adequate for my needs. Give it a try, it may be just the thing you are looking for.