There are tons of sound applications on the App Store with all kinds of functionality but sometimes we install applications just for the fun of it. SoundBunny from Prosoft engineering is one of those fun apps. It has some helpful functionality but it is just plain fun to have on your Mac.


How It Works

SoundBunny is available from the the Prosoft Engineering website. Is not available on the App Store, at least not yet. Essentially what SoundBunny does is to allow you to adjust your sound volume independently from OS X sound settings for almost every application on your computer. Instead of having one overall sound level for certain areas on your Mac you can tweak the sound levels to your hearts content. Here is the main window:

You can see the sound level for various applications and processes. Once you install SoundBunny you end up going through a process of setting the volume for various applications on your system. You can also mute the sound on any process that you wish:

It would be cool if you could assign different sounds for different applications. But for $9.99 I think the app is fairly sophisticated.


SoundBunny has some preferences as well. As you can see from the image below you can show a SoundBunny icon in the menu bar.

I already have too many menu bar items so I prefer to just allow it to continue to run in my Dock. SoundBunny runs in the background continually. I have set up my version to start at login by adding it to start up items.

The creators of SoundBunny were very thoughtful. They included an Ignore List so that you can tell the application to ignore certain processes that do not need sound attached to them:

Conversely, you can scroll through this list and uncheck items that you want to have sound. Also, there is a User Defined area where you can manually add applications or processes that you don’t want to have sound.

There is a 30 day trial period with SoundBunny. Also, it requires a Restart after you have installed the application for it to begin working correctly


SoundBunny is a totally fun application. I have setup sound levels for several different applications and processes on my iMac. Try it, I think you will like it.