Yosemite Clone Problems

You may know I have several backups of my mission-critical machine, my iMac. Part of that backup scheme is to clone the iMac to an external USB hard drive. Typically when I do this I use a program called SuperDuper!. I have used SuperDuper! for years without any issues until now.


The Problem

As I said previously I have been using SuperDuper! for years. Just recently I cloned 3 partitions from a dying hard drive to a new hard drive on my machine without any issues. Today I used it to clone my iMac running 10.10.5 to my external Backup drive. When the clone was finished the Backup drive booted up. However I got a kernel panic during the boot process. I shutdown the iMac and restarted using the Backup drive to boot up. I again got a kernel panic. At this point I did not know if I had a hardware or software problem.

The Fix

I restarted on to my Tech hard drive and ran Diskwarrior which replaced the directory. It did find some problems. I then tried to boot from the backup drive but again got a kernel panic. I booted back into my Macintosh main system and ran a hard drive consistency check using Drive Genius on the backup drive. The backup drive hardware checked out okay which meant that there must be a problem with the Yosemite install through SuperDuper!.

I thought about using SuperDuper! again to re-attempt the clone. However, I decided to bootup on to my Tech hard drive and do the clone using the Drive Genius application. The Drive Genius application has varied functionality. I had never used the cloning function before and was curious how it would work. However after delving into the cloning function I realized that the clone Application did not do incremental backups, just a complete clone. Then I remembered I had an application called Get Back Up Pro from Belight Software on my system. I checked the program and it does cloning!

I set up the Get Back Up Pro program to do a clone of my entire hard drive to my external Backup drive. Here is what the main window looks like:

Click for larger image

You just pick a Source and a Destination and let her go. Understand, this application is not as sophisticated as SuperDuper! or Carbon Copy Cloner. It does not do any block level copying it just does file copy. The bottom line is I don’t really need that kind of sophistication. Get Back Up Pro is adequate for my needs.

Because I was cloning about 550GB of data I let the cloning process run overnight. it took about twelve hours to complete. Once the clone was completed I booted into the Backup drive. It was slow booting up but everything worked wonderfully.

After the clone was complete I realized I could schedule the Get Back Up Pro program to clone any changes on my iMac. I set up a schedule to clone once a week like so:

Click for larger image

I think this will work but only time will tell.


So after all that work I ended up using a much simpler but effective program. I will let you know how this works over time. It is important to have several forms of backup.