CleanMyMac 3 Privacy

I have raved about CleanMyMac 3 from MacPaw software several times. You can do a search on Macessence and find several articles. It is great software. One area in the app that I have not talked much about is the Privacy feature. Most everyone is into some level of privacy these days so I think It is worth taking a look at the Privacy functionality of this app.



CleanMyMac 3 (hereinafter referred to as CMM3) has a ton of utiilty type functions for maintaining and keeping your Mac computer clean and healthy. I use it frequently to do all kinds of things and am constantly discovering all it can do, like the Privacy feature. When you open up CMM3 you will see Privacy toward the bottom of the left hand column:

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When you click on Privacy you are taken into this area:

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A list of things that Privacy works on is on the left (web browsers, Messages, etc.) and the particular stuff you can clean out is on the right. Take note of the time interval at the top of the window.

Lets do a hypothetical situation. Lets say you wanted to remove the “Browsing History” for Safari. Here is what that would look like:

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Keep in mind this is for the “Time Interval” of the “Last Hour”. When you hit the “Remove” button it removes the data and presents you with this window:

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Pretty self-explanatory right. You just click on the “Back” button in the upper left corner of this window to do more stuff.

I mentioned the “Time Interval” drop down. This is kind of important. It just presents time intervals for removing the junk, how far back do you want to go.

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This incluces an “Everything” setting like so:

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Look what happens in the Safari window when I select “Everything”. All the categories are selected and everyting IN those categories. There is a ton of stuff. But, this is what you would do if you just wanted to clean house. Use the “Everything” command. Keep in mind, you may not wish to clean out everything, that might cause you some grief down the road when logging into different websites, but if you are having difficulty with Safari for instance, then the “Everything” command might be the way to go.


CleanMyMac 3 is an excellent, versatile application. If you are in the market for a good Mac utility app I higly recommend it. If you already have CMM3 then don’t be afraid to explore it’s powerful and varied functionality. You will be pleasantly surprised.