El Capitan Data Detectors

In one of my previous issues of Macessence I alluded to a good article on using the 3-finger tap on a Trackpad, primarily in Safari. Actually, this is just a way of using what OS X calls Data Detectors that appear in various programs (mostly Apple apps). It is kind of handy at times. But, when I installed El Capitan I discovered this feature was missing.


3-Finger Tap

At first I thought that Apple may have removed it from the OS, you know how they do that at times. But, I went into the Trackpad Preferences area and discovered the 3-finger tap feature was just turned off by default:

So, I checked the box to turn it back on. I don’t use this feature a ton, but if you are in a hurry and want to get a quick overview of a link in Apple Mail, Safari or other application it can come in handy. Here is what it looks like in an email I received from SmugMug, a very cool photo display website company:

The link was “Edit your account information”. When I did the 3-finger tap it produced that web page. As you can see I can open it in Safari if I wish or just take note of what it is.


If you use the 3-finger tap at times, but it is not working in El Capitan, you need to go into the Trackpad Preferences area and turn it on. If you have not used it yet to view Data Detectors give it a try, it is kind of handy.