El Capitan Mail

I had so much trouble with my email accounts in the Yosemite version of the Mail App that I was not going to bother with even trying it in El Capitan. But, curiousity got the better of me and I have been playing around with it. Here are some preliminary observations about the supposedly new and improved Mail App.



Yes, there are some new features in Apple Mail in El Capitan. For an overview of those features see my previous articles by doing a search on the Macessence website. What I want to talk about here is just the realiablity of setting up accounts and their functionality. I have about 12 different email accounts for different purposes. Many of them are from my Reseller Account host, but others are from different ISP’s with different settings. As Imentioned previously I had trouble with many of these Reseller accounts setting up and working correctly in the Beta version of El Capitan Mail.

My Experience So Far

I have only been testing out El Capitan Mail for a week or so. My main email client continues to be Postbox. It does not have all the bells and whistles as Mail (mainly addon extension apps), but it is super reliable.

Currently I have 12 email accounts setup in El Cap Mail. The setup was not as easy as in Postbox. In the Postbox app I just put in the email address and password and most of the time it just setup the account. In El Cap Mail it had me enter the ISP incoming and outgoing email address:

and THEN it found the account.

But, find it it did.

Once the accounts were setup I did (and am still doing) a bunch of testing. One error message I got was this:

when I tried to delete an email from one of the accounts at my Reseller Account Host. I did some research online and found a solution. If you are using an email account that is not one of the big boys (Apple, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) and you are getting this “null” error upon deletion of an email then do the following. Click on the down arrow on the account. You will see the “Trash” for that account.

Select it and then go to the “Mailbox” menu and select “Use This Mailbox As” and select “Trash Mailbox” from the list.

Mail then puts that individual accounts “Trash” mailbox into the Main Trash Mailbox. Then, when you delete a message in one of these “Other” accounts it will not give you the “null” error. Why does this work you ask? Heck if I know. I found this solution in a few places online, there was not a good explanation. But this has worked for me about 8 times now, give it a try.

There are other Yosemite Mail Errors that I am testing. For example, in Yosemite I got tons of “Certificate Errors”. It drove me crazy. But so far in El Cap Mail, none at all. Also, I had a terrible time with the old Mail using my accounts in IMAP format, it would not send from any of my “Other” accounts, the ones from the third party ISP. Now, all seems to work well, sending and receving. Supposedly, Apple did make improvements in the IMAP functionality of El Cap Mail. It seems like they did.

If you have a third party email account that is setup under the “Other” setting this may be helpful to you, YMMV.

One thing to keep in mind here. If you read any Mac blogs and are covering El Capitan stories there seem to be a bunch of people having all kinds of diffterent issues with El Capitan Mail! Reading about all these problems almost kept me from trying it, but at this point I am glad I did.


The bottom line is I am continuing to use Postbox as my main email application. I will bring the El Cap Mail app along and use it simultaneously with Postbox to see if it can hold it’s own. One thing for sure, I am pleased to be able to get back to using the Mail-Act-On extension app from Indev in El Cap Mail. I really missed it.