“Application” Is Damaged

OK, this is getting pretty old. Have you seen this message from your Mac App Store applications. You open it up and it gives you a damaged message. You have to reinstall it. I have reinstalled a few, but also have found another method to recover the apps.



I have tons of App Store applications. Lately, when I open many of them they say they are damaged and you need to reinstall it like so:

I have deleted and installed several apps from the App Store over the last month or so. This is a well know problem on the web. Supposedly, it is a problem with some expired certificate in the App Store. Really?! Apple, a multi-billion dollar company, cannot maintian the App Store properly? If this is happening to you there are, as far as I know at this time, two things you can do.

The Fix

If you are getting these errors then you can try two different solutions. First, you can delete the app and reinstall it from the “Purchased” tab in the App Store. This is totally inconvenient, but doable. I have done several and the ones that I have reinstalled seem to be doing well.

Second, just Restart your computer. Of course, that is a bit inconvenient too. The last couple of these I have decided on the Restart method. After the Restart I get this message from the App Store:

So, after authenticating the app (in this case Tweetbot) it works fine. It is easier, maybe not faster, than reinstalling the entire application.

Here is a notice I got this morning for my Paste clipboard app:

I clicked on “Get Past from the App Store” and it took me to a link for Paste. All I did then was click on the “Open” button and Paste opened normally. This is totally weird behavior.


It is a real shame we Mac users have to put up with this. Hopefully, Apple will get it fixed soon, but until they do you and I are going to have to go the extra mile to use some of our apps.