Checking Apple Pay Locations

Well, since I have had my new iPhone 6s I am enjoying using Apple Pay wherever it is accepted. It is a totally convenient feature and easy to use. Just recently I discovered a way to determine if a vendor uses Apple Pay ahead of time, before you get into the store.



This involves using the Maps application on your iPhone. Obviously, Apple Pay needs to be turned on in Settings:

Once it is turned on you have to verify a credit card through your Bank. The card number is not stored on your iPhone which I thought was very cool. After verifying the CC with your Bank you are ready to do.

Locating Vendors

To locate Vendors that use Apple Pay you first need to open the Maps application. You can type the actual address in the Search box or just use the convenient store icons. It finds stores nearby:

In this case I tapped “Shopping” and it brought up several nearby stores. I selected the Walgreens:

If you tap on the store it brings it up on the Map. If you look at the store name you will see a small arrow to the right.

Just tap on that arrow and you will be taken to the store detail page:

If you look down next to “Category” you will see if that store does Apple Pay or not.


It is pretty easy to find a store that does Apple Pay. Apple’s iOS 9 and the iPhone make it pretty easy.