CleanMyMac 3 & The Photos App

As you know, I have been using the excellent Mac utility CleanMyMac 3 for quite some time now. They do a good job of updating the app, to and including adding Apple’s new Photos app in there cleanup routine.


Photos Cleanup

This is the main window of CMM3 with the new Photos module selected:

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There is a description for each function, one cleans up and optimizes the photo library data and the other replaces (very important word folks) RAW files with JPEG versions. If you do not shoot photos in RAW format then just ignore this setting.

Go ahead and hit scan because all the really important decisions come after the scan is complete:

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CMM3 analyzes your photo library and presents you with this finished scan:

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STOP!! Don’t go any further. You will be tempted to hit “Clean”, but if you take photos in RAW format you may regret it. I highly recommend clicking on the “Review Details” button. When you do you will see this screen:

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Apparently, the RAW removal feature is off by default, which is good. As you can see form the screenshot, an explanation for RAW removal is provided. It is not a bad idea, if you don’t need RAW files. They really are rather huge!! Another nice feature is you can scroll through the photos and select to delete certain RAW files. But, since I edit almost exclusively in RAW these days I chose to check the bottom box for “Cache” which removes unnecessary stuff from the Photos library. Once you have decided how to handle these selections hit “Clean”:

Click for larger image

It cleaned out quite a bit of junk. This did take a while to run, I have never run it before. If you wish to use the remove RAW images feature you will gain a great deal of space on your HD. Going from 23 MB to 6-7 MB for each photo is a space saver for sure.


If you are using the Photos app in your photography workflow I highly recommend trying this new photo cleanup feature in CleanMyMac 3. Especially if you have a Mac laptop with limited HD space.