Cocktail Permissions

I have discussed Permissions in El Capitan in a previous article. Just wanted to add a bit of information here. Recently I upgraded a friends MacBook Pro to El Capitan 10.11.1. The upgrade process was a bit tedious, but went well overall.



After updating, the MacBook Pro booted into the OS as expected. I always do a second Restart here, it just seems to make things a little better. As noted previously, everytime I install El Capitan things just don’t seem right. The OS seems to be kind of clunky, slow, with several SBBOD. A normal Restart does not fix it either. However, after running Permissions Repair using Onyx and Restarting, all was well in the world of El Capitan on this machine. Go figure right.

As you know, El Capitan removed the Permissions feature from the Disk Utility app. Supposedly, it fixes Permissions on the fly, within the OS. Well, as far as I am concerned it does not seem to be doing a good job of that.

Enter apps that have added Permissions Repair to their workflow. I have mentioned that the Onyx utility has the Permisisons feature. Now Cocktail, another good Mac utility app, has added Permissions. If you don’t use Onyx you can buy Cocktail from Maintan Software for $19 on sale for a limited time. Or, if you already have Cocktail, just update to the El Capitan edition.


Cocktail has been around on the Mac for many years. They make a version for each iteration of Mac OS X. They just added Permissions Repair to the El Capitan version:

After opening Cocktail click on the Disks tab and then select the Permissions tab. Then click Repair. Now keep in mind, this does take some time, especially the first time you do it.

And, you really only need to run Permissions ocassionally, maybe after an OS update or every few months or so.

Afte running Permissions in Cocktail on my iMac as a test, I Restarted. All was well, no problems at all.


If you are running El Capitan or plan to do so in the near future I highly recommend getting one of these utility apps with Permissions Repair capabilites. Until El Capitan lives up to it’s “Permissions Repair” name, you will need them.