Deleting Junk Mail In iOS 9

I have a friend who is having a junk mail problem in one of his accounts on his iPhone Plus 6s. He asked me for help in deleting the junk mail from his iPhone. After a little research here is what I found. I tried this on my 6s and it seems to work just fine.


Deleting Junk Mail

If you are having this issue as well then read on. Open you iOS 9 Mail app and find a junk email (should not be too difficult with all the spam email we get). I setup up a couple of test junk mails in one of my email accounts in my iPhone 6s:

You just do the usual thing like you are going to delete the email by dragging right to left on it. The menu that appears is Delete, Flag, and More with 3 dots.

Select the More menu and you will be taken to this screen:

Tap on “Mark” and you will be presented with this menu:

Tap on “Move to Junk” and you are good to go.

Keep in mind as with any type of Junk Mail filtering system you have to “train” it to recognize junk email. The iOS Junk Mail system is no different. It might take a few tries with certain junk mail to get it to recognize and remove it.


If you are having junk email spam problems (and who doesn’t) and work primarily from an iOS device then perhaps this method of deleting them (albeit a bit cumbersome) will work for you.