Find My Friends on the Mac

I posted an article a while back from another source on how to setup Find My Friends on your Mac. But this is such a cool feature I just wanted to show you how I have done it on my iMac where I spend lots of time each day. If you are using the Find My Friends feature then read on.



Find My Friends is really fun app to use on your iOS device. I enjoy keeping track of family members and a few friends during the day. And, they can keep track of me. It is especially useful when family or friends are traveling so you can keep track of where they are and how they are doing. I use it on my iPad more than anywhere, but recently I decided to set it up in the Notifications area of El Capitan. It really is easy to do.

Find My Friends

The first thing you might want to do is go into System Preferences and into the Notifications Pref Pane like so:

This is where you setup or turn off notifications by application. Scroll through there for a bit and click on some of the apps. Any app with notifications capabilities will display what you can do with it. Once you are done checking that out click on the small Notifications menu in the upper right corner of your Macintosh Finder screen. It will open the Notifications App like so:

The whole window is not shown here. Just look down at the bottom of the Notifications window and click on the “Edit” button and you will be presented with choices:

Click on the plus symbol next to Find My Friends and it will add it to your Notifications area. Whatever friends you have setup in your iCloud Apple ID will show here:

I had to block out a few names. But, when you click on a persons name it shows you their location. If you click on the map area it brings up the OS X Maps program with a larger view.


I guess this is no big deal, but it sure is convenient to check Find My Friends on my Mac instead of having to go into another device. It is easy to setup, give it a try if you are on your computer a lot during the day.