Weather Guru

Over the years I have used several different weather apps on my Macs. If you live in an area of the country where the weather is a major factor in your daily routine it is handy to have it at your fingertips. Enter a really cool little app called Weather Guru from FIPLAB Software.


Weather Guru

You can purchase Weather Guru from the App Store on your Mac right now for $6.99. I think it sells regularly for around $12. It is a brand new 1.0 app, but it works like a charm. Once it is downloaded it will put a version of the app in your Dock and a Menubar item:

If you roll your mouse over the weather temp in the Menubar it gives you the daily forecast. If you click on the temp menubar item it gives you this really excellent window:

You choose the day in the bottom row and then you can scroll through the hours of the day in the top row. It is very smooth. If you hold your mouse over one of the hours you get this popup:

Just a small overview of what is happening at that time of day. This is a very intuitive app with a nice interface. I forgot to mention one thing. You can click in the location name in the top of this window and type in any city you wish. Weather Guru will get the weather for that area post haste.

I set the app to not appear in the Dock in Preferences:

You get to the Preferences by right-clicking on the Menubar item. Here you can tweak a few settings. Oh, one more thing. When you first set it up it asks to use Location Services. Then it finds the weather for your location automatically. Pretty seamless all the way around.


If you like or need to follow the weather in your area I highly recommend Weather Guru. It is an elegant piece of software which I am sure will improve with age. For more information about the app go to the User Guide Page.