Alfred 2 Snippets

I know I have had several articles on the very cool app Alfred. Today I wanted to mention the Snippets feature. If you use clipboard programs (I have several) then you might want to give this a read. Other clipboard apps are more sophisticated, but if I can consolidate this function into another app so be it.


Alfred Snippets

Here is the Snippets feature in Alfred:

Just go into Alfred Preferences, click on Features and then Clipboard. You have to have some data copied onto your clipboard in OS X. Then click the “plus” symbol bottom right corner of the window and you will get this window:

Click for larger image

Put in the “Name”, “Keyword” (this is important), and then paste in the “Snippet” text. My actual snippets are blocked out to a certain extent, private info folks.

Why is Snippet’s important? Yes, Alfred has a clipboard function that will retain clips for a maximum of 3 months. But, Snippets can be retained indefinitely which I think it is great because I use certain passwords and other info that I need to paste in here and there all the time.

Once you have your “Snippet” completed then you can use it by activating Alfred and typing in the “Keyword” (remember that) assigned to the “Snippet”. The “Keyword” can be just an abbreviation, or whatever you want. Here is what one of mine looks like:

That abbreviation, Ac, is for my Actiontec DSL router which I log into at times to check on things. No, Alfred will never replace 1Password, at least, not for me. But, it is totally cool to be able to put all types of data in “Snippets”.


I promise to leave off Alfred articles, at least for a while. But, it is such a versatile app, I think you should at least give it a test drive.