Alfred Two Point “O”

I wanted to bring you another installment of the Alfred app’s capabilities. I am talking about Workflows, either templates or ones you can make from scratch. This is a power user feature, not everyone would venture into it, but even the canned ones they provide are worth looking at.



The more I use Alfred the more I discover how powerful it really is. Here is the Workflow area:

Click for larger image

To use “Workflows” you have to purchase the “Powerpack”, but in my opinion it is worth it to get the most out of Alfred’s Workflow capabilities. Alfred comes with a few Example workflows for Amazon and Google searches. You have to add them to the sidebar. Here is the menu (bottom left corner of the window) for the Examples:

Click for larger image

Lets do a search using the Amazon workflow. Just bring up Alfred and type “a” or “am” and select the “Search Amazon for” item.

It presents you with this window:

Type in your search term and you are taken to the appropriate Amazon pages in your web browser. It is really fast and quite convenient.

In addition to the Examples, Alfred provides Templates for building your own workflows:

I have not tried these yet, but probably will do so in the very near future. Not to be undone, Alfred goes so far as to let you build your own workflows from scratch. It allows you to start a completely empty workflow and then “roll your own” as the saying goes. If you are good at scripting, this would be a powerful tool.

I think you can see that you are only limited by your workflow imagination when it comes to using Alfred’s very sophisticated capabilities. The sky is the limit.


Yes, Alfred does even more than the things I have mentioned in both of these articles, you just have to experiment with it. The bottomline is, using Alfred is all about muscle memory. It just takes time to get used to a keyboard workflow instead of grabbing for the mouse all the time.