Another Dead HD!

Well, I bought a few of these dying HD’s at the same time so maybe that is the reason they are all dying at once. Another one of my 1 TB drives that I use for backups is supposedly has “damaged areas”. I am trying a certain type of repair for the first time.


The Warning!

The Drive Pulse feature of Drive Genius came up and warned me about this HD having problems. It sends you to the “Events” area:

It says the drive damage is critical and it should be “zeroed out”. So, my question then is, is the damage physical or some type of damage to the file structure or a little of both.

Teching The Drive

Now, in years gone by, I have just replaced these drives as too damaged to fix. But, this time I am going to take Drive Genius’s advice and try to resurrect it. First, I ran Drive Genius physical drive check on the drive and got this result:

It describes physical areas of the drive that have been damaged. That’s fine, lets see if “zeroing” the drive will help.

I opened the Disk Utility app to erase and “zero” out the drive.

You have to go into the Disk Utility app “Security” area to set the erase to “zero” out the drive. Now writing ones and zeros across a 1TB hard drive takes a while. Best to do something like this overnight.

After “zeroing” out the drive I ran Drive Genius Physical Drive Check again. It did not find any problems. Only time will tell I think.

At any rate, now that the drive is “zeroed” out I will try using it for my iMac clone drive once again. Just have to see how that goes. Will it resurrect the drive? Or, will I go back to my old practice of just throwing the darn things away and buying a new, inexpensive spinning HD.


Prosoft Engineering’s Drive Genius app is invaluable. It is the swiss army knife Mac utility app. It is nice to know that a HD is failing before it actually shuts down completely. Gives you time to take preventative measures against complete data loss.

PS — Just wanted to post an update on this HD. After backing up all my data onto it, the drive crashed after a few days. The moral to the story is when an app like Drive Genius says the drive sectors are damaged just throw the darn thing away and get a new one. Spinning HD’s (spinners) are very inexpensive, not worth it to try to save them. Save your data, get a new drive and move on. Don’t misunderstand, Drive Genius is a great application, but the drive was just too far gone.