HD Enclosure

I finally got the HD enclosure for my Backup drive. As you recall the old enclosure died, had to order a new one for my clone backup drive. These enlosures are ubiquitous. They are everywhere. And, they are not too expensive. Here is the install process which is typical for most models.

The Install

Most HD enclosures require you to attach the HD with screws on the side of the drive or the bottom, but a few of the them just have you mount the HD inside and then close it up. Here is the HD enclosure model I got from Tiger Direct:

As you can see it has an aluminum case (a must by my standards) and is USB 3.0. You really don’t need USB 3.0 for a backup drive, but it doesn’t hurt. Here it is unpackaged; the case, AC cord, USB cord and screws:

For this particular model all you had to do was slide out the small motherboard portion:

The SATA connector is that thing in gray. You place the HD in the enclosure and slide it up into the connectors until it is seated:

After the HD is seated you turn over the enclosure and put four screws into the bottom of the HD to hold it in place:

Once that is finished you slide the drive into the aluminum cover. After putting two screws in the end area to hold it all together you just connect the AC power supply, USB cable and then connect it to your Mac.

Mine works like a charm, no problems at all. You can get HD enclosures all over the place from Amazon to TigerDirect to Newegg, etc. I pretty much have stopped buying any electronic items from Amazon. The reason is they use the US Postal Service for many of their shipments and our postal service at our house is terrible. I have been missing many packages over the last few years. So, I have decided to buy electronic stuff, from vendors that use shippers like UPS or Fedex.


Putting a bare drive in a HD enclosure is pretty easy. I really like this way of doing things because if either the enclosure or HD quits you don’t have to replace both, just the piece that dies.