Permissions Revisited

In my previous article on Permissions Repair in El Capitan I mentioned a few applications that will still run Permissions if you choose to do so. I don’t think these apps running Permissions will hurt anything, but after my latest update to El Capitan I may have to reconsider whether it is necessary.



I have been using the Permissions feature in the Onyx utility program. It is a great app and the addition of Permissions Repair only makes it better. As you may recall, Permissions Repair is located under the Maintenance Tab in Onyx:

Click for larger image

When I ran it after installing OS X 10.11.1 it repaired all kinds of stuff. But, check this out. I just updated my El Capitan install using the OS X 10.11.2 Combo Updater. Afterward, I ran Permissions using Onyx. It found almost nothing. There was almost no Permissions Repair.

So what is the moral to the story? Perhaps, Permissions really are being maintained by the El Capitan OS like Apple says it is. Might try it one more time after 10.11.3, we’ll see. Until then, maybe you do not need to run Permissions Repairs in El Capitan.


The moral to the story is that El Capitan might just do what Apple said and handle Permissions under the hood. Time will tell. I will do one more check using the 10.11.3 updater whenever it comes out.