Photos Snapheal Extension

Previously, I have covered Extensions in the Photos app, and especially the Intensify Extension from MacPhun Software. I have also covered their Snapheal standalone app as well, but I just wanted to show you how easy it is to use the Snapheal Extension in the Photos App.


Snapheal Extension

MacPhun makes all kinds of photo editing apps and Extensions. But, the two I really use are Intensify for editing and Snapheal for removing unwanted stuff from photos. If you are in the Photos app, click on the Edit button and then “Extensions” at the bottom of the menu (I discussed how to install app Extensions in my previous article):

Select Snapheal from the Extensions menu and you will be taken to the Snapheal app with your photo center screen:

Click for larger image

This is so easy to do. This is a photo of my grandson doing Ice Hockey. I wanted to use it, but I also wanted to remove the hockey stick at the left side of the photo. If you move your mouse over the object to be removed Snapheal presents a round eraser cursor. You can adjust the size of the cursor using the slider just above the “Erase” button in the sidebar.

Once you have selected the thing to be erased just click on the “Erase” button and Snapheal erases and “heals” that area of your photo, like so:

Click for larger image

Click “Done” and you are taken back into the Photos app editing area. This is so simple! It just took me a few seconds to erase the hockey stick. Be advised if you are erasing a large area Snapheal does take a bit to complete the healing process.


OK, I know I have covered Snapheal before, but I just wanted to show how easy it is to use the it’s new Extension capabililty. MacPhun makes excellent products. You can get Intensify and Snapheal in their Creative Kit or buy them separately in the App Store.