Timeless – Alarm Clock

This is no big deal, but if you use an alarm clock type program then you might consider using the just released Timeless Alarm Clock by FIPLAB Software. They make nice one off type applications, I use a few of them. Timeless Alarm Clock will be my go to alarm clock app from now on.



Timeless Alarm Clock is a very simple app with an elegant interface. It costs a whopping $1.99 in the App Store. Here is the main window:

The gear symbol in the upper left corner is access to the Preferences. If you click on the “+” symbol upper right corner to set up an alarm. Here is the alarm setup window:

There are all the usual alarm setup features. You can click on the “Sound” drop down and choose different sounds for the alarm. Once your alarm is setup the app takes you back to this window:

When the alarm goes off it presents this window:

Kind of cool that you can snooze it. If you wanted to use the app for a true alarm clock to get you up in the morning then you can use “Nightstand Mode”. It blacks out the whole screen and gives you a digital clock:

Timeless is a simple app, but it does have a few Preferences which are accessed at the gear symbol:

There are some of the usual things of course. The app is easy to install from the App Store and easy to setup.


Timeless is an elegant alarm clock app. I highly recommend it and at $1.99 it won’t cost you too much to give it a try.