Cocktail Purge Inactive Memory

I have mentioned purging (recapturing) inactive memory in previous articles. I have 32 GB of RAM in my iMac, my main Mac. Up until now I have been doing this manually periodically throughout the day. However, I have decided to automate it and the best way I know how to do that is using the excellent Cocktail utility app.

Cocktail Purge Feature

Cocktail does all kinds of maintenance on your Mac computer. One of these features is called “purge inactive memory”. Just click on the “System” icon and then the “Memory” tab and you will be taken to the Purge area:

You can recapture some of your RAM memory manually by using the “Purge” button in the right side of the window. But, if you want to setup the auto purge just check the box:

Once you do that you can select the number of minutes between purges. I have mine set for 60 minutes.

Keep in mind that this does not replace doing a restart on your Mac once in a while. That forces the OS to start all over again with regard to RAM usage.


Hey, this is not big deal, but I work with many applications at one time and need my RAM to be as refreshed as it can be. I know, OS X does a good job of handling memory, but I want all the advantages I can get in my daily workflow. How about you?