As you know I try out and eventually use bunches of software apps on my Macs. Right now I am trying a nice privacy app called PrivacyScan from SecureMac. I don’t know how into the security thing your are, but as far as I am concerned a little more security can’t hurt.


PrivacyScan (herein after referred to as PS) is what it says it is, it scans your Mac (especially online activity) for possible threats from malware and other junk. Here is their own description from their website:

PrivacyScan provides protection by scanning your system for files that could compromise your privacy and offers multiple levels of shredding to securely erase them from your system. No matter where you go on the web, PrivacyScan is ready to alert you to potential threats, and provides the means to eliminate them easily with an intuitive user interface.

It primarily works with online activity, but it does scan your drive after you install software as well. I have used it a few times now and I really like it. Here is how it works.


When you first open PS it takes you through some setup questions. I chose not to “Shred” the stuff it removes and I also chose not to remove “Cookies” from web browsers. YMMV may vary on this depending on how secure you wish to be.

Initially, when you open the app you see a window similar to this one:

It detects the apps it is going to scan. As you can see it provides “Tips” for functionality along the way. These are helpful at first, but you can turn them off in Preferences later if you prefer.

Once you tell the app to do it’s scan you will see a window like this:

It goes through files from the various apps listed on the previous screen. As it scans them there is a shred display at the bottom of the window that lets you know what is happening. It is a cool effect. When PS is done shredding you will see this:

It tells you how much stuff it has cleaned out. If you wish to change some of the Preferences, not problem. Just click into the Preferences area and you get this window:

You can change any settings you wish. If you click on the drop down the app brings of the settings for each app it is scanning:

PS does not run in the background, you have to launch and then run it. It does not have a scheduler, but from their website I think they may incorporate one eventually. At any rate, it is easy to mark you calendar and run it every few weeks or as often as you wish.


PrivayScan is a nice app. It does what it says it does, but be careful when you set it up. Make sure you remove only those things you need to remove. PrivacyScan is $14 regularly, but I got it on sale for $7.95. I think it is worth the dinero if you want to increase your Mac security.