Qrecall Backup

It seems like the Tech Blogs all have a couple of staples throughout. One is Apple Mail problems, the other is Time Machine backup problems. It appears these two issues are constantly present in Tech Blog websites no matter where you go.



As you know I solved the Apple Mail problem quite a while ago by using Postbox, a very reliable email application. Yes, Apple Mail in El Capitan is better, but still not worth changing from Postbox in my opinion.

My backup adventures, however, are still ongoing. I started using Carbon Copy Cloner for making a backup clone drive a while back. That is working well. I still use Time Machine for doing daily and hourly backups, but as we all know Time Machine has it’s issues. One of the things that bugs me the most about Time Machine is that it fills my external backup drive so fast!! Started a new Time Machine backup 2-3 weeks ago and my 2 GB USB drive is half full already.

Now I have had a backup program called QRecall for a while. I have not used it because it is a bit complicated, but it is super reliable and it has some “merge” features that help to keep your backups as small as possible. So, I decided to jump in and use QRecall in place of Time Machine.


At first I just decided to use an extra external USB HD with 900 MB of space as a test of the QRecall app. I setup an hourly backup of all changed items on my boot drive. You could setup all kinds of different backup schemes but as far as I am concerned if I have an hourly backup of my whole startup volume I have everything I need.

The very best way to setup a backup in QRecall, especially if you are fairly new to the app, is to use the Capture Assistant.

You can setup backups manually, but the Capture Assistant covers most scenarios you would possibly use. I setup the daily backup by starting with this window:

I wanted an automated backup so I chose the lower selection. Next, the Capture Assistant brought up several windows offering various parameters for my backup starting with this one:

I wanted to do my Startup Volume, but there are plenty of other choices. Next, came:

QRecall places your backup into an “Archive”. You can have several different archives, of course. The Capture Assistant went on to this:

Where the “Archive” is located is pertinent to some of the remaining settings. Then we get this window:

This is a very important setting. I think the top setting of “As long as possible” is more like what Time Machine does. I wanted to compare the two so I chose that setting. However, if I settle on QRecall permanently, I may chose one of the other settings. The way I use Time Machine currently is for short term file replacement, say within a day or two. Either a lost file or I mess up a document and have to replace it. I don’t know how QRecall is going to handle this yet, we will see.

Capture Assistant asks you how to use the backup disk space:

Lastly, it offers to start the backup at your scheduled time or to start it right now:

Since my first backup with QRecall would be the whole Startup Volume I told it to go ahead. Future backups of this particular volume will be at 4 pm in the afternoon everyday. This is what it looks like when backing up:

Of course the first backup took several hours. Subsequent backups were more like Time Machine in duration.

The most difficult thing about QRecall to me is recovering files. It just seems complicated. Will cover that in a future article as well.


QRecall gets good reviews for accuracy and reliability. It is a very sophisticated program which means it is not for everyone. If you are comfortable with Time Machine by all means stay with it, but if you are looking for something more powerful then stay tuned!!