Qrecall Followup

Well, I have been using Qrecall for a while now and wanted to present a little more information on this App. My Qrecall backup has been running flawlessly, but I have tweaked the “Capture” settings since we last talked.


Capture Changes

As you recall from my previous article Qrecall can setup a backup for you using their setup Wizard. It works quite well. But after I setup my backup I decided to change it from a daily backup to an hourly backup. To access the Capture just go to the “Window” menu and select “Actions”. You will see this screen:

Click for larger image

If you double click on the “Capture” link you will taken to the Capture area.

You can set the “Interval” to different times, I selected “hourly”:

But, check out the lower box in the above screenshot. You can apply different parameters to the Capture. I set mine to not backup between 1 am and 6 am. Why backup the machine when I am not doing anything. This is a very cool feature. Here is what it looks like with the menu dropped down:

You can set it to do or not to do all kinds of stuff. A very nice capability in my opinion. I may tweak it some more in the future when I am more familiar with this app.


This is no great epiphany, but once you setup your Capture just go in a tweak it to your hearts content. I will continue to explore this app and report back. So good, I really like it, much better than Time Machine.