Answering A Call With Text Message

I have realized that if you are busy on your iPhone you can answer the persons call with a Text Message. Now, I may not need to use this a lot, but I believe that people who “live” on the their iPhone would find it very useful.


The Text Message

When your iPhone receives a call your screen should look something like this (depending which version of iOS you are running):

To be quite honest I have never really noticed the “Message” icon right above the “Accept” button. If you receive a call and you cannot take that call because of other important matters (watching an Apple Keynote perhaps?) just tap the “Message” icon and you will get this menu:

In my test call from my wife I chose the top replay. Once you hit that reply it cuts off the call and sends a text message to the caller. This is what the text message looked like on my iPhone:

It looked the same on her iphone as well.

This may seem a little rude, but people who are on the go and who use this feature will understand just fine. By the way, if you are used to receiving iPhone calls on your Mac you can pretty much do the same thing. Here is what it looks like when an iPhone call comes into my Mac:

If you click on the small dropdown arrow next to “Decline” it shows this menu. If you wish to send a custom message you can click on “Replay With Message”. It brings up a small window for a short message to the caller.


The versatility of the iOS is constantly demonstrated in little features like sending a “Message” in reply to a phone call. This feature may be useful to many of you if you spend a lot of time on your iPhones.