iOS 6 Digit Passcode

In light of recent issues involving people wanting Apple to create a backdoor for iOS device access I thought it might be a good idea to start using the 6 digit login passcode available in iOS 9. It really is pretty easy to setup.



In a free society (or a reasonably free one) there is always a delicate balance between freedom and security. Yes, there are all kinds of things that threaten our security as a nation and in our communities these days, but somehow we need to retain our rights as a free society or the security measures we take are not preserving a free country anymore; the cure become worse than the problem so to speak.

I really do appreciate Apple’s stance on preserving their customer’s privacy. Nothing against all our law enforcement agencies, I appreciate what they do, but I value my freedom just as much as my safety.

On a more personal note, in light of these recent events, I have decided to set my iPhone passcode to the available 6 digits from where it currently is at 4 digits. Hey I know, with all that build up, this is kind of a minor thing to do, but the tentacles of freedom extend to every aspect of our lives, even the iPhone 6s.

6 Digit Passcode

To activate the 6 digit passcode you start by going into Settings then Touch ID & Passcode:

iOS 9 will then ask you for your “current” 4 digit passcode:

Then, tap on “Change Passcode”:

And you will be asked to enter your current Passcode one more time. Then you will be taken to this screen to enter your new 6 digit Passcode:

iOS 9 will ask you to confirm the new Passcode and then you are finished.


If you are considering taking your iPhone security to the next level it is easy to do. Be sure you can memorize your new 6 digit Passcode or keep it in a secure area in a case you forget.