Archiving Postbox Emails

Archiving emails is a big deal these days. If you live and breath email then you probably need to archive it for legal, business or other reasons. If you have tons of email then a standalone archiving app would be in order, but if you just need to archive a moderate amount of email then most email apps have an archiving feature.



I am using Postbox for my email these days so lets look at how to archive emails in the Postbox app. To begin just click on one of your email accounts in the Postbox sidebar. I am going to use the Macessence email account for display purposes:

Every mailbox in the Postbox app has it’s own “Archive” folder. If all you wish to do is archive a bunch of emails “out in the open” in the “Archive” folder just right click on the email in question and select “Archive” from the drop down menu and the email is placed in the “Archive” folder for that email account:

Simple as pie right? But, there is a more excellent way, especially if you wish to categorize your archived email. Just select the email account in question in the sidebar and then select the “Archive” folder down below it. That is the “Archive” folder for that specific email account. Then go to the File menu and select New/Subfolder:

You will be asked to name the folder:

Once you do that it creates the folder. Now, when you wish to archive an email to a specific folder drag the email in question onto the correct “Archive” folder in the sidebar.

If you have the excellent QuickFolders addon installed in Postbox then drag the whole “Archive” folder up into the folders area in the menubar. Then, you can drag an email over the “Archive” folder up there and it drops down the subfolders. Select the correct subfolder and let go. Your email is archived.

So if you do not need tons of archiving and you are using Postbox this might be a decent solution for you. Just create the different subfolders that you need and then start dragging emails you wish to save into the appropriate folder.


For those of you who are using Postbox and wish to archive a moderate amount of email this solution within the app itself is totally workable. I probably will cover archiving in the Apple Mail app in a future article so stay tuned.