Article Review

I do a lot of articles on Macessence every month. But, for once I thought I would followup on a few of them just to let you know how certain apps are working and how certain fixes worked or didn’t work over time.


Recent Stuff

Qrecall – I have had several articles of late on the excellent Qrecall backup application (1, 2, 3). The app is still working very nicely. I have shutoff Time Machine altogether. It is using up a little more space than I initially predicted, but the backups and restores are pretty seamless, once you understand how the interface works. All in all a win, I recommend it for more experience Mac people.

High iMac Temperatures – I continue to use Macs Fan Control to lower the overall temperatures on my iMac. It keeps it within the upper safe range. I experimented with different fan speeds, but have finally settled on one that works. Macs Fan Control just runs in the background all the time. I don’t even hear the iMac fan. This app is a keeper, it just works as the saying goes.

Purge Inactive Memory – I am still using the excellent Cocktail app to purge inactive memory. I have set it to do the purge every 2 hours, but to be quite honest I am not sure it works every time to I end up doing it manually at times. But, make no mistake it does purge bunches of memory very effectively. Perhaps this is not necessary with OS X, but some of the apps I use are memory hogs and my machine definitely becomes sluggish when the RAM is dissipated.

Carbon Copy ClonerCarbon Copy Cloner (CCC) is working flawlessly (1, 2). It is set to clone my system to an external USB HD every Friday afternoon (Qrecall takes care of the hourly backups). The scheduling features are very sophisticated. You can set it and forget it, so to speak. CCC has the ability to create a “Recovery Partition” on your backup drive as well, a very handy feature.

Privacy Scan – This app works quite well, when you remember to use it. Privacy Scan does not have a scheduling feature so I don’t really remember to use it too much. But, it seems to work well when I do remember to boot it up and run it. Privacy Scan is not exactly a necessity on your Mac, but can come in handy for the security conscious. Perhaps they will add a scheduling feature which would make the program more user friendly.


There are many other articles I could mention like the one’s on the Alfred app, which is working great by the way. But perhaps the above will suffice for now. I think this followup idea might be helpful in the future. Rest assured, if I recommend an app or procedure to you and discover later on that there are problems with it I will do a followup article advising you to beware.