Get Backup Pro 3 – Déjà vu

In my last article on Get Backup Pro 3 I covered two of the four Views, Backup View and Archive View. Today lets take a look at the Clone View and Synchronize View. I think you will agree that these two views are new and improved as well and that they add to the overall versatility of the app.


Clone View

Having a clone of your main HD in case of a crash is an excellent idea! If you do not have one I hope you will consider doing so after reading this installment. To start, click on the Clone View icon and create a new clone in the sidebar. You will be taken to the setup drop down:

You can setup to clone Daily or Monthly. I highly recommend doing at least one clone of your machine a week. That is usually current enough if you have a HD crash on your main workflow machine. Once the clone is setup you need to select the Source and Destination:

As you see you can again de-select stuff on the Source if you do not wish to clone it. However, you cannot de-select anything related to System stuff or the clone will not be bootable. Once your are done with setup just click the blue arrow at the bottom of the screen and the clone begins. I highly recommend doing a clone of your main system overnight, it can take quite a long time. A clone is just good form if you value your stuff.

GBP3’s cloning function works just fine. I have used it and the clone was bootable, no problems

Synchronize View

GBP3 has always had a Synchronize View. It works the same as the other views, click on the Synchronize icon, create a new Project and you get this setup window:

You can set it to “Never Delete Anything”, you can set the sync for different intervals, even “Time Intervals”. Once you are finished setting up, you end up at this window:

You have to select the Source and Destination. As before, you can de-select items, which is cool. But, take note. See that Analyze button up there. When you run the Sync function (if you run it manually) you have to click the Analyze button for the app to update the Source folder side so the sync will be up to date. If your sync is scheduled then it analyzes for you.

Synchronizing folders is a nice feature. You may not need to do a bunch of archiving, you just need a couple of work folders synced throughout the day for example. Then, you use the Synchronize View, set the schedule and forget it. It works quite well, I know from experience.


There are a few other little features and improvements in Get Backup Pro 3, but the best way to see if this app works for you is to download the Free Trial and give it a test drive. I think it will meet most peoples needs.