Get Backup Pro 3

I have reviewed version 2 of Get Backup Pro in a previous article. Get Backup Pro is a nice app, but version 3 (herein after referred to as GBP3) takes it to a new level. The functionality is similar to version 2 (plus a few new things), but the interface is much more intuitive. Belight Software has done a nice job here.

Backup View

GBU3 performs the same main features as version 2 (plus a few new things), albeit much more elegantly. The interface is more minimalist in nature, but more intuitive. Here is the main window:

If you look at the upper left hand corner there are 4 main things you can do (from left to right): Backup View, Archive View, Clone View and Synchronize View. To start a new “Project” in anyone of these views you first click on the view you wish to use, then you can double-click in the left sidebar or click the “+” symbol bottom sidebar. Name the project and then tweak the settings to your hearts content:

In the Backup View just click the drop down to select your backup area, then set the “Time Interval”. You can have hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. Keep in mind you can create more than one of these. You could have one for hourly (especially if you are getting away from Time Machine) and maybe daily or something like that. Just a thought. I have setup and run the “Backup” function and it works great. GBP3 has more scheduling parameters than version 2 which is very nice.

One more thing here. You can pick and choose what you wish to backup in a given area. Say you are backing up the Documents Folder:

If you do not wish to backup certain folders just go in there and uncheck them. For example, I do not usually backup my Parallels folder so it is unchecked. By the way, the backups are incremental, they only add what is new. Oh, and one more thing about the Backups area. GBP3 has template backups for Mail, Contacts, etc. It has always had this functionality but now you find it by clicking on the “App Data” button at the bottom of the window like so:

All you have to do is click the plus symbol creating a new backup project, name it, then once it is selected in the sidebar click on the “App Data” button and add one of those templates to your new backup project. These are templates that Belight has created that do a very nice job of backing up the important stuff in those categories.

Archive View

OK, this is what you need to think when you look at the Archive View: Super Versatility!! Wow! If you click on the Archive View you get a blank area. Click on the plus symbol and create a new Archive. After naming it you are taken into the setup area:

Select where you want to the Archive to go. Then, how you want your Archive to work (versioned, incremental, etc.) then the Encryption level! Whoa, that is very cool. Maybe you are working on sensitive stuff right? But, Encryption becomes more meaningful when you see what kind of media the Archive View can backup to:

You can Archive to CD’s, DVD’s, External HD’s, Network Volumes, whatever. After all, this is an Archive right? Maybe you want to store some files longterm. Or, maybe you are working on a project with other people and need to send them versioned copies of your files, encrypted, on a DVD. The possibilities are endless. See how versatile this feature is?! I think it is very cool. By the way, you do not need GBP3 to restore these Archive files on another machine which is pretty handy for just exchanging files with others or putting them on another one of your own Macs.

Here is a test Archive that I built and then burned to a DVD. I started by creating the Archive and going into setup:

Click for larger image

I already had a blank DVD in my burner so I selected that. At the bottom of the window I selected the DVD format. When you click OK it builds the project first, like so:

Click for larger image

That folder is about 1.3 GB. Once the project is built it presents you with the Burn drop down. GBP3 uses the Mac’s burn functionality:

Click for larger image

Click “Burn” and away you go. It takes quite a while to burn a DVD, that includes the Verify process, but is is doable. It works very nicely.

Hey gang, I am discovering that there is just too much cool stuff to cover in Get Backup Pro 3 in one article. Tune in to my next installment on GBP3 for a look at the Clone view and Synchronize View. Until then happy trails.


I am not finished with my overall review of Get Backup Pro 3 yet, but if you are using Get Backup Pro 2 then I highly recommend paying the $9.99 to upgrade to Get Backup Pro 3. Totally worth it, for sure. If you are looking for a versatile solution for all your backup needs then the full price of $19.99 is a no brainer. You can do clones (covered in my next article), backups, archives and other stuff (read my next article if you are not convinced yet).