High Temps Eliminated

In my previous article on Macs Fan Control I mentioned trying to bring my iMac temps down. After using Macs Fan Control for a while it seems to be working. You have to experiment with various fan speeds, but my temps are running around normal these days.

Temp Monitoring

So you can use Macs Fan Control to bring your temps down, but how do you monitor and test temps at various fan speeds. After experimenting with various speeds I finally settled on a fan speed of 1600 rpm. The average running fan speed of my iMac is supposed to be about 1250 rpm. Here is the manual fan setting in Macs Fan Control as noted in my previous article:

I decided the best way to monitor my iMac temps was to use the excellent xScan Solo application. Here is the main window:

As you can see the temps now stay around 35-36° depending on what I am doing on my Mac. The fan runs consistently at 1600 rpm. No I cannot here any fan noise, but YMMV of course.

I don’t leave xScan Solo running all day, I just bring it up once in a while to check how the temps are going. Using Mac Fans Control in combination with xScan Solo works great for what I am doing here. I highly recommend both applications.


If you are having temp problems on your Mac (especially a laptop) then the one two punch of Macs Fan Control and xScan Solo may be just the thing for bringing it under control.