Airport Express Setup

While talking to a friend I mentioned I was going to buy an Airport Express to extend my home network. He told me he had one he was no longer using and offered to give it to me. Needless to say I was ecstatic, saving $99 is always good.


Airport Setup

In all my Mac experience I have not setup many airport devices. My DSL modem at home has it’s own WiFi. Used to have a Time Capsule, but have not used one for years. Once your Airport device is plugged into a wall it will show an amber light, then a flashing amber light. It is ready for setup. The flashing light can take a few minutes to appear. Just go onto your Mac and click the WiFi dropdown, upper right corner of your menubar, and select the Airport Express:

It will bring up the Airport Utility App (El Capitan Version) to this window:

When it is finished doing that it will want to create a new network. In most cases all you want to do is “Extend” your current network further into your residence which means you need to “Join” your current network first. So, click on the “Other” like so:

You want to select “Add to existing network”. Before you can “Extend” a network you have to “Join” it:

Once you do that you will have to hit a series of “Next” buttons through the setup. The first thing it is going to ask you though is which network to you want to “Extend”:

If it has not already found your network just click on the dropdown and select it. The setup will then go to a join page and ask you to “Join” your current network. You will need your network password to do this. After you click next, it goes through a bunch of setup ending at a “Setup Complete” page.

That is all there is to it folks. I have tested my network speeds on my wife’s MacBook Air and my iPad and my speeds in the more remote parts of my house are much improved.


If you are in the market for improving your network coverage an Airport Express is the way to go. It does provide a noticeable improvement to your network for sure.